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About Us

img Women face many challenges in everyday life - we are single working women, wives, mothers, caregivers, working in and out of our homes - and sometimes we venture in our own businesses. We are the " sandwich generation". I too, have faced what to many, would consider insurmountable obstacles- being the primary caregiver for four children and caring for my great–grandmother, Hattie Lanier for seven years. Through it all, I considered myself and my children fortunate to have shared the last years of her life. My great grand-mother lived to be  almost to be 105 years old! My product allowed her to keep her dignity. This unique perspective and experience is the foundation for the design of ForeverFresh.

Tanya R. Allen, President and CEO

In 1989, Tanya Allen began a journey that would revolutionize the feminine hygiene market in the United States. Having searched the market for a product that would offer more sanitary protection for women, Allen recognized the need for a new creation. She proceeded to develop and patent the ForeverFresh Disposable Brief, and soon after, a bikini line.

After successful test marketing in hospitals and major retail outlets, Allen quickly realized that both men and women could use her unique product. The "pocket" design offers extra protection; particularly for men when experiencing minor incontinence or post operative surgery, and for women to use during menstruation.

As with many entrepreneurs, Tanya faced daunting setbacks in her fierce pursuit to market her product. After two former product launch attempts, ForeverFresh is now on the State of Michigan   " MIDeal" contract and available at participating Walgreens, CVS and Savon stores. Now you can order this personal product confidentially via the Internet.