ForeverFresh is Family

Caregiver Janie Dye, Tanya (Allen) Hill, and Hattie Lanier

In my personal experience of being the primary caregiver for my great grandmother (Hattie Lanier) for seven years, I was so grateful to see that ForeverFresh enhanced her quality of life.  She lived to be just shy of 105 years old!

Knowing that I was able to provide her a small comfort gave me the inspiration and faith
to pursue my entrepreneurial goal and bring ForeverFresh to the consumer market.

The ForeverFresh family appreciates the opportunity to provide you products that truly help those who use them- be it for minor incontinence issues, as a convenience product when traveling, or simply wanting to stay fresh.

Please join me as I continue my journey to share this product with the world.
Always, my best!

Tanya R. (Allen) Hill

Founder & President

Why ForeverFresh

Almost every woman has experienced days when period accidents are unavoidable.  We know there is NO product on the market that can keep you 100% protected during menstruation. Many women today invest significant amounts of money in expensive undergarments, so why take a chance on ruining them during your period?

When we get beyond childbearing age, there is the nagging urge incontinence. Keeping a single pack handy in both cases is practical and convenient. ForeverFresh disposable undergarments are made of a nonwoven material that is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, allowing the skin to “breathe” as naturally and comfortably as cotton garments.   The undergarments also feature a built-in incontinent pad “pocket”, to be used when extra protection is needed.

Our Credo

Our passion is to identify and develop talent within and without our organization to its fullest potential; thus enabling ForeverFresh to make meaningful contributions to society by enhancing the quality of life for those who use our products while inspiring others to pay it forward.

Tanya (Allen) Hill, creator

of ForeverFresh

lives by two basic philosophies–Lift as We Climb and Live to Give.

ForeverFresh established corporate giving as part of its foundation, positioning ForeverFresh to
further support communities in need.

 Tanya believes companies both large and small must work collaboratively to enhance the quality of
life for individuals and families to keep our country strong and competitive.

“I have friends who give back by donating their time, talents, or finances to help others. Some even
grow food and share with food banks. If you have a charity you support- thank you. If not, feel free to
help us in our efforts to uplift the charities listed below.”

___In gratitude,
___Tanya (Allen) Hill


Our Charities