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ForeverFresh designs and manufactures a product that is increasingly essential: disposable undergarments. ForeverFresh is an award-winning brand that is essential for today’s active lifestyle – Created, Designed, and Patented by a Woman.

Our Credo

Our passion is to identify and develop talent within and without our organization to its fullest potential; thus enabling ForeverFresh to make meaningful contributions to society by enhancing the quality of life for those who use our products while inspiring others to pay it forward.

Our Products

  • ForeverFresh Bikini Briefs – disposable undergarments
  • ForeverFresh Bikini – disposable bikini underwear
  • ToddiFresh – disposable children’s underwear

ForeverFresh, disposable undergarments are made of a nonwoven material that is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. ForeverFresh allows the skin to “breathe” as naturally and comfortably as cotton garments. ForeverFresh features a built-in incontinent pad “pocket” to be used when extra absorbency is needed. ForeverFresh is a convenience that does not tax your budget or the economy and is gender-neutral.

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